Pātsch Tequila Blanco Tequila 750ml
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Pātsch Tequila Blanco Tequila

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Category Blanco
Region Mexico
Brand Pātsch Tequila
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Pristine and luminescent with generous legs and tears. Mercurial when swirled in a glass to release its bouquet. Tasting Notes: On the nose, enticing lime zest blooms into grapefruit and lemongrass. Slight anise with deep baked agave caresses the center and bottom of the vessel. Loads of character the longer it blooms in your glass or snifter. Silky and luxurious body. The taste of sweet baked agave evolves into full peppercorn. Hints of anise and licorice are followed by an enduring finish. A superb sipper. Serve neat as an aperitif or on the rocks with a splash of soda and lime peel.

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